State of Utah - Jobs

  • Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Jul 14, 2021
State of Utah - Jobs Salt Lake City, UT, USA
One of the coolest parts about working for the Legislative Services IT team at the State of Utah is the reach your work will have within history in government. We are looking to expand our team of developers and programmers to help with the many software and web projects happening within the Utah Legislature. The work our dev team does is foundational to enabling our legislative work to move forward effectively and successfully. The person in this role is required to be nonpartisan and must have availability to work extended hours between November and March each year during the general Legislative Session. The ideal candidate will have solid experience with .NET,SQL,JavaScrit,Java,XML,etc. You will also be familiar with object-oriented design concepts. You will be able and willing to work with a team of devs on existing and new projects ranging from desktop and web apps,to updating legacy software. Any experience building native apps for iOS/Android is a plus.
Jul 04, 2021
State of Utah - Jobs American Fork, UT, USA
The State of Utah,Division of Technology Services (DTS) is looking for a full stack .NET developer to help develop and support the Utah State Developmental Center (USDC) and it's computer systems. USDC is beginning a modernization project for it's legacy software into a cloud native architecture. This developer would work with a team of developers,architects and analysts involved in the initial stages of determining the technology stack,framework,requirements and roadmap. The chosen candidate will be key in helping to create systems according to the planned roadmap. We allow flexible hours and telecommuting (from within the State of Utah) and have a friendly team centered environment. The State of Utah has a large variety of careers for people in both rural and urban areas,with all types of experiences and backgrounds who come together for a singular purpose to work where they live,to serve the residents and businesses as well as the visitors of the State of Utah. Find your next...