Goldman Sachs Services LLC

  • Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Jul 09, 2021
Goldman Sachs Services LLC Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Duties: Vice President with Goldman Sachs Services LLC in Salt Lake City, UT. Responsible for providing support to the Firm’s critical applications that leverage multiple database platforms, including ensuring the health, performance and availability of systems, achieving the desired outcomes of those applications, and assuming responsibility for performance tuning and database queries. Provide support for SAP ASE/Replication/IQ and IBM DB2 standardization programs from design, development and implementation, including security. Install, configure, upgrade and maintain DB2 and Sybase DBMS environment utilizing database native tools as well as house-grown utilities. Provide production support for DB2 and Sybase systems and work on building the database infrastructure (excluding utilities interfacing with DBMS and Self-service Portal capabilities) globally. Responsible for various operating system and database specific upgrades on the Linux environment. Build automation tools using...