Xima Software

Xima Software began in 2007 as a company dedicated to providing historical data to help companies better manage their teams through accurate data found in their flagship software known as Chronicall. Today, Chronicall is an innovative, user-friendly software that integrates with business phone systems and provides historical reporting and call recording, as well Realtime reporting and Skills Based Routing. They remain dedicated to providing the best experience to their client while continually creating an releasing innovative products geared to helping businesses succeed through accurate, easily accessible data. In 2021 Xima Software took the next step forward by releasing their much-anticipated cloud-based software known as Xima CCaaS. Xima CCaaS is a dynamic, scalable, customizable, and easy-to-use contact center solution. 

Xima Software remains dedicated to providing the best experience to their client, while continually creating and releasing innovative products geared towards helping businesses succeed through accurate, and easily accessible data.

When you work for Xima Software, you become a beloved fellow Ximite that helps us achieve our mission, which is to create telecom solutions that make management simple. While we require that full-time employees complete an honest 40 hours a week, we also firmly believe that family comes first. We want you to work hard, and then go home and play harder. We believe that this mentality fosters a healthy work/life balance.