Best Company emerged from a passion project of its founders. In 2011, the founders heard a number of companies complain that various review sites kept strong-arming them into paying higher fees to achieve a certain score on their sites. Many of those review sites also allowed paying companies to manipulate or suppress their negative customer reviews. Appalled at what this meant for consumers who were trying to make a confident purchasing decision, as well as for the companies that were trying to do business the right way, the founders investigated the review site industry further.

It didn’t take long to discover that these coercive and unethical tactics were standard practice for review sites. Seeing an industry ripe for positive change, the founders launched, a truly independent review site anchored on transparency and verified reviews.

On, 100% of a company's ranking is determined by the reviews of its customers, period.

We have been offered seven figures, multiple times, in exchange for altering our overall scores to unfairly favor one company over another, not based on merit, but to “buy” a score. We’ve also been offered seven figures to remove unwanted negative reviews. Frankly, we enjoy the opportunity we have to refuse these offers, as it provides us an opportunity to both share and stand by an important aspect of our company's mission — to empower businesses to earn, not buy, the trust of consumers.

Best Company is, and always will be, a transparent review site where companies are evaluated based on the satisfaction of their customers, not the depth of their pocketbooks. That's our promise to you! And as we stay true to this promise, both the companies listed and the consumers researching on our site will benefit — companies get the opportunity to earn the trust of new customers, and consumers can confidently connect with companies who deserve their trust.