FairCom is a pioneer in the software industry, the first company to offer a commercial package using b-tree algorithms on microcomputers in 1979. Today, FairCom maintains its sole technical focus on database technology, continuously enhancing its core database technology while keeping up with the latest industry platforms and APIs. FairCom’s engine is the industry’s choice solution for enterprise data providing the most powerful simultaneous access to multimodel NoSQL and SQL, giving developers in companies of any size the control to customize their database, and ultimately enhancing performance gains. FairCom technology has been used in solutions serving industries including financial, healthcare, telecommunications, manufacturing automation, accounting, legal, dental, education, construction, aerospace, trucking, gaming, space exploration, oil and gas, energy, major league baseball, fraud detection, public safety, and infrastructure management. FairCom is a privately owned company.

About Us

  • Founded in 1979
  • Customers in over 100 countries
  • Offices on three continents
  • Used by 42% of Fortune 100 companies
  • 97.2% technical support satisfaction rate as reported by customers
  • 95.3% technology satisfaction rate as reported by customers
  • Millions of end-user deployments worldwide
  • Small business culture, big business success!
May 16, 2022
Full time
FairCom Remote (608 9320 South, Sandy, UT 84070, USA)
As the Director of Product, you will oversee the cross-functional efforts of getting new or updated software versions architected, developed, and successfully out to market. By working with various Senior Leaders across different departments, you will have a holistic view and an actionable view of what it takes to deliver a complete product experience for FairCom’s database software solutions (FairCom DB, FairCom Edge, and c-treeRTG). Here is What You’d Be Doing: Build a product management culture that, with great judgment, balances product intuition, design inspiration, market assessment, and data validation for creating successful database software solutions. Become acquainted with and strive to be a Subject Matter Expert in all products offered by FairCom and other product alternatives in the DBMS industry. Monitor a product from market research to conceptualization with the Chief Architect, to planning, to development, to release, and to market results. Collaborate...
May 02, 2022
Full time
FairCom 608 9320 South, Sandy, UT 84070, USA
In this Sales Leadership role, your key objectives will be to drive company sales, develop and maintain the FairCom Sales Department, and successfully execute strategies to make a direct impact on business revenues and the growth of a global Database Software company. You'll be tasked to  ensure a streamlined sales funnel, analyzing all data points to accurately strategize and build a healthy customer and channel pipeline  for FairCom’s database software solutions (FairCom DB, FairCom EDGE, and c-treeRTG). This role will work closely with our Executive Team and alongside Marketing Leadership.  Here is What You’d Be Doing: Drive Sales Develop sales strategies to drive new business from inbound leads and outbound campaigns. Work closely with marketing management to document, implement, optimize sales & marketing processes, and develop lead generation plans. Maintain a deep understanding of customer needs and monitor their preferences. Secure existing...
May 02, 2022
Full time
FairCom 608 9320 South, Sandy, UT, USA
In this Sales role, your key objectives will be to maintain & develop relationships with current customer accounts as well as seek out and negotiate new projects with potential & current customers. As a Technical Account Manager, you will focus on building a healthy customer and channel pipeline for FairCom’s database software solutions (FairCom DB, FairCom Edge, and c-treeRTG). Job Functions Build and maintain customer relationships through executive account management methods including but not limited to reoccurring face-to-face visits, analyze accounts and discover potential needs, address questions and concerns, and advocate/educate customers on FairCom solutions. Collaborate with internal departments, such as marketing, engineering support, and product, to effectively work with external partners and allies in the development and implementation of strategies, plans, and product deliverables. Be a customer advocate, investigate and resolve customer problems,...