Romaric Corp

Romaric provides world-class software products and integration services for factory automation in the semiconductor, retail, automated parking, solar, medical device and any other industry striving to take advantage of the vast throughput improvements made possible by automation. Romaric specializes in providing the highest possible factory throughput in terms of material transport and management, while adjusting for the constant changing environment.

The mission of Romaric is to improve the ability of our customers to meet the ever-growing throughput demands of an increasingly connected world.

Jun 23, 2022
Full time
$60,000 - $200,000 yearly
Romaric Corp Remote (Salt Lake City, UT, USA)
We are hiring Software Engineers, but this one is rather complex. Reach out if you are interested. We manage robotic movement and control in GigaFactories, the kind that costs $8 billion to build. With cutting-edge technology, projects around the world, great benefits, and a friendly team of hard-working professionals, Romaric is a great place to take the next step in your career. We're looking for the following kinds of positions/experience: Jr. Software Engineer Sr. Software Engineer Automation Test Engineer Quality Assurance Engineer DATA Engineer Control Systems Engineer Solutions Design Engineer Support Engineer Emulation/Simulation Engineer Deployment Engineer Host Integration Specialist Characterization Specialist Front-end Specialist Throughput Optimization Specialist