Established in 1990 in Hawaii, RVCM is an enterprise digital transformation company delivering modern software development, human-centered DevSecOps, cloud-native engineering, cybersecurity, and AI/ML Ops capabilities.  

Our roots are in building customer-centered software and services for local commercial and government customers within Hawaii, and as we have grown we are now regarded as one of the leading cloud-native DevSecOps providers for the DoD, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and other customers.  

Our company is built on our core values: 

God Centered
Walk our Talk
Keep it Real
We Before Me 
Customer Focus

Our ohana spirit threads through all of our teams and how we work, live, and support one another within our teams and with our customer partners.  

We have several openings and opportunities for design experts, software developers/ engineers, platform engineers and DevSecOps experts.