MarCore Group

  • Salt Lake City Metropolitan Area, UT, USA

MarCore executes digital marketplace engineering with surgical precision for your brand, product, service and business.

We are dedicated to developing and delivering transformative marketing strategies in an ever-evolving environment. Our team is comprised of the top talent players in each marketing discipline ready to parachute into any situation, industry or opportunity. Each one knows how to execute and deliver success for the clients we take on. Our reputation has been built on delivering what we promise; maximizing our clients’ success.

Immediately prior to launch, founder Ari Monkarsh drove marketing innovation in the marine industry. MC continues to work with key marine companies driving audience growth, consumer engagement and ultimately sales. In an industry still relying dogmatically on print brochures, mailbox detritus, and 3x5 card CRM’s, we reimagined and continue to drive results. For the marine industry specifically we segmented and engaged customers who had not decided to buy yet and drove conversions, cultivating them from prospects to raving brand ambassadors. MC has created efficient and replicable engagement models driving results via: consumer shows, in-store retail sales, and digital engagements.

MC Strategic Process = Acquire - Retain - Innovate

-Data Collection & Analysis

-Audience, Engagement & Competitive Research

-Identify Opportunities, Build/enhance Martech Stack

-Conquest Strategy Development: Fusion of Art & Science

-Go-To-Market & Digital Customer Journey Mapping

-Execute Digital Marketplace Conquest

-Analyze Performance, Optimize & Improve