Data Analyst

  • Homie
  • Sep 09, 2021

Job Description

Position: Data Analyst

Job Description: 

As a Data Analyst, you will work with Homie’s analytics and data warehousing teams. You will combine, clean, and analyze data from multiple data sources; recognizing trends and providing valuable insights to fuel data-driven decisions for the business.


You will support data integrity, data accessibility, and data digestibility for stakeholders including, but not limited to, the marketing team, finance team, ops team, and sales teams. You will also build visualizations and data stories in Tableau. This is an opportunity to play a big part in Homie’s data-driven mission.


In addition to normal reporting and analysis, a high level candidate has the opportunity to create, implement and present predictive and prescriptive analytics using Python and/or R.


Job Responsibilities

  • Work with the data warehousing team to safely access data for multiple product lines

  • Efficiently combine data sets to identify trends and useful insights for various stakeholders

  • Create data visualizations that allow stakeholders to understand data and make data-driven decisions

  • Work with stakeholders to define, track, and provide easy access to key performance indicators

  • Anticipate data needs for stakeholders to continually enhance Homie operations and performance

  • Research, data-gathering, and analysis on projects that fuel company operations and strategic decisions

  • Regularly communicate with and report results to management at all levels of the company

Ideal Candidate Profile:

  • A strategic mind with excellent problem-solving ability

  • An entrepreneurial spirit who can innovate and improve Homie’s data practice

  • An understanding of data’s power and limitations

  • Experience learning and managing new software quickly

  • Experience working with Tableau or other business intelligence tools

  • Python proficiency 

  • Proficiency with SQL

  • Strong Excel and other analytical skills

  • Strong writing and presentation skills

  • Ability to manage time and workflow effectively

  • Strong communication skills

  • 4-year degree in a related field of study

  • Ability to work independently with limited supervision