Web Developer 3 (React)

  • ConsultNet
  • Lehi, UT, United States
  • Sep 12, 2021

Job Description

Web Developer 3 (React)
12-24 month contract
Lehi, Utah or Remote

Job Summary:

As a self-directed member of a team, write software for the website (and supporting programs) fulfilling technical designs you derived directly from functional and user experience requirements to allow FamilySearch applications to function properly, with particular emphasis on interactive, patron-facing applications. This team is exploring new ways to connect with users in China. Chinese users have a unique world view with traditions wholly unfamiliar to many developers. On this team you will get to write world class application code to address unique needs surfaced by our Chinese culture experts.

This contract concerns the delivery of:

  • a pedigree view specifically tailored to the needs and tastes of Chinese patrons.
  • the ability to print a Chinese Jiapu to PDF

This individual works with divine guidance to provide or support technology that furthers the mission of the Church and reflects the eternalimpact of the gospel.


  • Self-direct the writing, enhancement, and testing of code for the website in at least one product area and supporting programs in a variety of computer languages, such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bash, and TypeScript based on technical and functional requirements.
  • Program effectively by using and occasionally recommending new libraries (e.g., JSX), frameworks (e.g., React), build automation (e.g. Gulp, webpack, npm, yarn, TravisCI), test automation (e.g. Cypress, Mocha), IDE's and advanced editors (e.g. VSCode), shell scripts and tooling, debuggers, scaffolds, and harnesses (e.g. StoryBook).
  • Capitalize on the browser runtime through efficient use of built-in HTML elements, DOM APIs, CSS features, feature detection, responsive layout, Service Workers, Manifest Files, Secure Contexts (HTTPS), touch events on mobile, other newer browser APIs, accessibility APIs.
  • Make efficient use of web deployment technologies, including browsers, their consoles, debuggers, and their multiple vendors (e.g., Chrome, Edge); enterprise logging and log analysis consoles (e.g., Splunk); PaaS provisioning, monitoring, and control consoles (e.g. AWS, Heroku); content delivery networks.
  • Capitalize on team structure, methodology, and tools thru: the effective use of reporting, filing tickets, and version control; Agile stand-up and planning; using distributed pair-programming, code review, meeting, and communication tools; participate in discussions to improve these.
  • Actively build relationships in the team, and with partner teams; initiate and respond promptly to requests for consultation.
  • Research existing technical knowledge (inside and outside the company) in languages, tools, patterns, performance, accessibility, usability; effectively document new technical knowledge; train yourself and assist others to meet emerging needs; contribute to discussions for improving practices.
  • Identify needed databases and caches in the front-end server and browser tiers as well as needed changes to data structure and orchestration; propose new or changed databases; make efficient use of key-value stores, avoiding uses that create cache consistency problems.
  • Write test automation, such as unit tests, partner with QA in discovering flaws early; recommend static analysis and runtime or static quality monitoring systems; respond to trouble indications from these systems.
  • Operate, monitor, debug, repair, and deploy production systems you develop in real time during business hours; assess and improve the site's production operation, such as its telemetry, alerts, reliability, performance, and capacity, using audits, production application monitoring, and production logging.
  • Prevent security vulnerabilities in your code by thorough use of the OWASP top ten; perform thorough security analysis of code.
  • Does not create visual or behavioral design, nor graphic assets, but does provide technical insight into software capabilities in support of user experience designers.



  • Bachelor's degree in a related field or equivalent professional experience

Work Experience:

  • 4 or more years of relevant experience
  • Must have a solid base of learning and some experience in all the primary areas of an n-tier enterprise system that may or may not be web based, e.g. interface domain logic and database layers
  • Experience with complex, large-scale systems is preferred; including strong experience in the tools, methodologies, and technologies the role supports is a plus

Required Skills:

  • Developing complicated web applications using React hooks.
  • Requirements Analysis: aid product owner in elaborating functional requirements; turning functional requirements into technical designs.
  • Debugging large apps in the browser.
  • Strong skills in engineering/programming, analytical/diagnostic/troubleshooting, web technology, and programming methodology
  • Expert in browser APIs (e.g., DOM) and using deployed web service APIs; data structures, their analysis and manipulation; object oriented and functional programming.
  • Experience implementing user-interface software using APIs associated with Progressive Web Apps and a modern web stack in collaboration with user experience designers and business management.
  • Willing to take frequent shifts on-call to respond to production incidents during business hours.

Bonus Skills:

  • Fluent in simplified Chinese especially written.
  • First-hand knowledge of Chinese culture and web practices.
  • Familiar with Chinese Jiapu
  • Experience doing and supporting others in doing their Family History.

Worthiness Qualifications:

  • Must be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and currently temple worthy.
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