Azure DevOps Engineer

  • My New Company
  • Salt Lake City, UT, United States
  • Sep 12, 2021

Job Description

The client is looking for an experienced DevOps (Azure Cloud) Engineer to help re-invent our core infrastructure. We are looking for someone passionate about making things better through automation and simplification. We are in the process of redefining over 20 systems down to 1, and we need a strong Systems Engineer to guide and work with multiple teams on DevOps practices.

The Ideal Candidate:

The ideal candidate for this position is passionate about DevOps and knows it’s not just a title. This candidate has extensive experience in Azure, Kubernetes, containers, and microservices and has LIVED continuous deployment (deploying more than once a sprint!). They love to improve systems, and make everyone’s jobs easier by teaching, training, and evangelizing about DevOps best practices, but they also like to dig in and automate.

Principal Duties:

• Create and maintain CI/CD processes to support development teams

• Design an infrastructure and configuration management strategy including, but not limited to: Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Azure Kubernetes Service infrastructure, infrastructure compliance and security

• Implement Continuous Feedback: Recommending and design system feedback mechanisms, implementing a process for routing system feedback to development teams, optimizing feedback mechanisms; establishing monitoring metrics and notifications to rapidly respond to system issues, working with Scrum teams in establishing key performance benchmarks and monitoring for applications, implement and maintain application monitoring tools

• Design and support the provision of Azure Cloud Infrastructure Engineering services to include but not be limited to the development, implementation, and maintenance.

• Implement and maintain Configuration Management with Ansible, Puppet, Consul, Azure Devops or similar applications on physical and cloud environments

• Identify, create, and implement fixes for potential security and performance issues for infrastructure and applications

• Design, develop and implement tooling and processes to automate infrastructure provisioning for on-premise VMware and cloud-based resources

• Handle code deployments as needed for all environments

• Setup and configure Load Balancers, Firewalls, DNS, SSL and network connectivity to support software systems

Job Requirements:


A.           Degree – Candidate should possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college in Computer Science, Information Technology, Business, but may substitute for equivalent experience.

B.           Functional Experience – 3+ years of DevOps experience in any environment

C.           Azure Experience – 1+ years DevOps design and implementation experience on Microsoft Azure

D.           Containerization and pipeline administration experience within Docker and Kubernetes

E.            Azure Cloud – 2+ years’ experience designing and supporting the provision of Azure Cloud infrastructure components.

F.            Continuous Integration and Deployment Experience – deploying to prod more than once a sprint.

G.           Leadership – Candidates must demonstrate strong leadership, time management and problem-solving skills.

H.           Interpersonal Relationships – Candidates must demonstrate the ability to work well with others of all personality types while demonstrating problem-solving and the ability to prioritize tasks.

I.             Communication – Candidates must demonstrate the ability to communicate in verbal and written form with both technical and non-technical personnel.

J.            Initiative – Candidates must demonstrate success as a self-starting, hardworking and inquisitive worker.

K.            Teamwork – Candidates must demonstrate the ability to work with cross-functional teams to deliver on a common goal.

Bonus Skills:

L.            Developing and implementing information security architecture and technology solutions to address information security and compliance requirements from development and operational environments on Microsoft Azure

M.          Software Defined Networking

N.           Domain Driven Design