FPGA Design Engineer

  • ACS Solutions
  • Salt Lake City, UT, United States
  • Jan 02, 2022

Job Description

Role/Title         FPGA Design Engineer - DSP

Location           Salt Lake City, UT, 84108

Duration           06 Months


Job Description:

  • Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) design engineer with industry experience in digital communications, modems, and/or digital signal processing (DSP). Areas of desired experience or education include:
    • Modulation
    • Demodulation
    • Digital filters
    • Forward Error Correction (FEC)
  • FPGA verification through simulation and unit testing.
  • Experience in either VHDL (preferred) or Verilog development languages.
  • Experience implementing complex modem and/or DSP circuits in programmable logic using FPGA devices.
  • Equivalent experience in ASIC design is also applicable.
  • Experience implementing industry standard interfaces (e.g. 10/100/1000 Ethernet, SPI, UART, SDRAM, DDR3, JESD, PCIe, Ethernet).
  • Experience in simulation, synthesis, and placement software tools such as ModelSim, Synplicity, Xilinx Vivado / ISE and/or Altera Quartus development tool sets.
  • Experience in laboratory debug techniques using digital scopes, logic analyzers, BERTS, and other complex measurement devices.
  • FPGA Design using High-speed serial interfaces (3+ Gbps)
  • Familiarity with code revision management tools such as Git/Clearcase.
  • Familiarity with C/C++/C# and Matlab/Simulink.

Job Requirements:

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s (Master’s preferred) degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering or Electrical Engineering.
  • GPA of 3.0 or greater (3.5 preferred)
  • 6+ years FPGA design experience on Digital Signal Processing designs.