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Jul 21

Spiff (https://spiff.com), recently named one of the most innovative Fintech companies, is on a mission to inspire, enable, and reward peak business performance. Why? Commission plans are used by modern companies to reward and drive good behavior using more advanced rules or combinations of rules such as quota attainment, accelerators, and other types of variable earnings. Great Commission plans motivate Salespeople to sell more to the right companies. In order to help companies and reps to reach their full potential, we take the manual labor and complexity of current commission processes and completely automate them. Finance teams used to spend hours each month trying to prepare commissions, communicate them to their reps, deal with discrepancies, and then get those paid on time. Spiff automates that full process. We connect to the client's systems; CRM, ERP & Payroll to reduce the work and amount of errors. Spiff gives powerful, real-time data and insights to reps, managers, and executives about their commissions.

A defect or “bug” is any deviation from normal or expected behavior. In the software development lifecycle, defects are a normal part of the process, but it is crucial to any successful organization that the defects get identified, isolated, scoped, prioritized, and then as deemed appropriate, fixed. This is where the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) engineering team comes in. This team is the front line of the Engineering organization, interfacing with the implementation and support teams, to gather information on reported defects, validate the behaviors, identify the scope and impact, isolate the root cause, and either fix the issue, or move it to the appropriate individual product area’s team to roadmap the resolution.

We are currently seeking a highly motivated and talented RCA (Root Cause Analysis) Engineer to join our team. Whether you are an experienced RCA Engineer looking for a new challenge or new to the role, if you have the knowledge and will to learn, we encourage you to apply. 

We embrace a flexible approach to location, and we encourage candidates from the United States, United Kingdom, and Latin America to apply, as long as they have the right to work in their country.. No matter where you're based, we value your unique skills and perspectives. So, if you're passionate about joining our team and making a difference, we can't wait to hear from you!


What you’ll contribute in this role… 

  • Triage of reported issues, validating whether it requires a code fix or a data fix.
  • Writing Rake tasks or One Off scripts to mutatively shape the production data in ways that are not available through the UI
  • Reviewing pull requests of peers for accuracy and scope, to ensure the safety of all changes on the production environment.
  • Deep diving into issue manifestation behaviors, monitoring, logs, and the code base to identify the root cause of defects.


What experience you’ll bring to Spiff…  

  • Knowledge and experience with Javascript console, reading and understanding errors.
  • Experience with Ruby on Rails, writing and running Rake tasks or fixing data from the IRB console.
  • Experience working in a live Production environment preferably with change controls in place.

Bonus Points 

  • Experience/familiarity with IEX and the elixir shell
  • Database experience, a familiarity with Postgres and how data is stored.

At Spiff, we're committed to building a diverse and inclusive organization that reflects the ever-changing world around us. We strive for an equitable workplace where everyone feels welcome regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation; race or ethnicity; age; physical ability; socio-economic status; religious beliefs; political views or affiliations; or any other factor that can be used to make someone feel excluded from the workplace experience.

Our unwavering commitment to this mission is founded on the idea that varied perspectives drive innovation.

We know that fostering a diverse and inclusive team has a positive impact on our products and services, and helps us better serve our customers, employees, and community stakeholders. That's why we're building a culture where differences are celebrated and an environment where people from all backgrounds are treated with respect and given the freedom to be their authentic selves.

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