Applied Research Scientist Intern — AI and Data Science

  • Domo
  • American Fork, UT, USA
  • Jan 28, 2021

Job Description

We are Domosapiens- uniquely skilled, passionate data lovers anchored in a culture of connectivity. We are transforming the way business is managed by putting real-time data into the hands of every decision-maker across organizations. Diversity is valued here because homogenized teams create echo chambers; and nobody benefits from that. The insight garnered from diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and lived experiences results in pioneering innovations across the organization and better experiences for our customers. The more diverse our talent, the more impactful the Domosphere becomes. 

What is Domo?

Domo brings together all your people, data, and systems into one cloud-based software as a service system to accelerate the productivity of your organization. Domo is a platform that enables every user, whether they are a(n) executive, front line employee, or data scientist, to be more productive in leveraging their data to answer key questions and improve decision making. 

Why Domo?

Domo is the data platform for everyone and this in role, in Domo’s product organization, is focused on making this platform the best in the world. That means that at Domo you will have the opportunity to explore and/or specialize in the data and problems from almost any industry or organization. Whether you are interested in developing sophisticated machine learning models to improve our users productivity with out product, designing experiments to uncover causal factors of business processes or software changes, or even working on analysis for a sales process that could benefit our business or be sold as a solution to our customers, you are only limited by your curiosity and drive to solve interesting problems.

Problems that make you excited to come to work

At Domo you will have the opportunity to collaborate with internal and external teams to see your ideas have real world impact in the 5 focus areas of our team.


At Domo we leverage machine learning methods to enhance our users experience with our product (i.e. recommendation systems, semantic classifiers of data, etc), improve our users productivity (i.e. automated analysis), and domain specific machine learning methods (by industry of business unit). 

Data Science Platform Development

Domo lets you get business leverage at cloud scale in record time by using all of your organizations data. We work closely with our software engineering teams to develop the best of breed tools and capabilities to allow our customers to use data science to understand causality or automate their decisions.


Our experimentation initiatives utilize the scientific method to determine causality to inform our decision making. At Domo you will be able to leverage your scientific expertise to design and perform experiments that have tangible impact on our business and our product.

Decision Science

We leverage statistical inference to help us to generate hypotheses about our product and our business. At Domo you will have the opportunity to flex your statistical muscles to identify reliable trends in data and candidates that would be prime for experimentation. 


At Domo we are passionate about research and recognize the value of being involved in the scientific community to collaborate and develop novel solutions to Domo’s biggest problems. We encourage our team members to forge academic partnerships and to submit papers to conferences for publication.

Key Responsibilities

  • Independence — in this role you will need to be able to independently design and deliver impactful results with little oversight;
  • Identify new opportunities — while collaborating with other internal and external teams, we expect you to leverage your scientific perspective and knowledge of the art of the possible to uncover novel applications that could benefit from scientific, statistical, or machine learning approaches;
  • Meaningful impact — you will be expected to identify and solve problems with your scientific skills that will move the needle for the Domo product and the business at large.

Job Requirements

  • 3+ years of research experience producing rigorous scientific findings in academia or industry;
  • 3+ years working with real world datasets; strong ETL skills (SQL, map reduce, etc.);
  • Scientific mentality—you have applied the scientific method to multiple projects;
  • Strong knowledge of and experience implementing machine learning methods in theoretical and applied settings;
  • Strong understanding of math and statistical methods;
  • 4+ years programming experience including compiled and interpreted languages;
  • Strong critical thinking skills at efficiently solving real world problems;
  • Strong communication skills: verbally, in writing, data visualization;
  • Currently enrolled in a PhD or MS in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Natural Sciences, or other scientific discipline.

Nice to Have

  • Ideally planning graduating in 2021 or 2022;
  • Strong first author publication record high impact journals and conferences(KDD, NeurIPS, ICML, AAAI, Science Journals, Nature Journals, IEEE, JASA etc.); 
  • Design and implementation of novel deep learning approaches;
  • Recommendation system experience;
  • NLP and information retrieval experience;
  • Experience with the semantic web, ontologies, and crowdsourcing;
  • Deployed machine learning models to production systems.

Domo is an equal opportunity employer.