Software Engineer

  • FairCom Corporation
  • Sandy, UT, USA
  • May 28, 2021

Job Description

Be a part of FairCom's continued success as a leading-edge global database software company with office locations in the United States, Brazil, and Italy. Participate in QA testing, coding activities, development, validation, and demonstration of c-tree software prototypes that include API solutions. You must have a passion for and experience with coding in C and C++ along with other coding languages. Using coding experience, collaborate with Senior Software Engineers, Senior Leadership, and other internal departments to help test, benchmark, and demonstrate FairCom’s current and future software solutions (FairCom DB, FairCom EDGE, and c-treeRTG) as product concepts and future solutions for our clients.

What You’ll Be Doing:

  • Analyze, test, diagnose, and coordinate the fixing of faults in software code to ensure high code quality.
  • Code new applications following the specifications set forth by FairCom Tech Leadership using the appropriate tools.
  • Consult with the Chief Architect, Director of Engineering, and other Senior Software Engineers to gather information about program intent, functions, data requirements, input/output requirements, internal/external checks & controls, and hardware & operating system environments to effectively participate in the QA and software development process. 
  • Self-manage assigned tasks in Jira to maintain or modify existing application prototypes based on prior consultation from Senior Tech Leadership.  
  • Prototype c-tree product integrations in specific test environments for future version releases.
  • Learn, adapt, and improve the quality assurance process; be the master of estimating, prioritizing, and planning QA testing activities.
  • Ability to code and program test cases that the tech team can use for future products and have continued interest in programming growth.
  • Create product demonstration scripts, scenarios, and testing to provide potential solutions that deliver proof of value.
  • Review non-technical and technical documentation to confirm consistency with program operations and write additional documentation based on test changes, and/or corrections.
  • Provide technical assistance by responding to inquiries regarding coding errors, problems, or general concerns for both FairCom employees internally and for FairCom Customers externally. Occasionally may be on call during an assigned 7/24 developer consulting shift.
  • Other duties may be assigned.


The Must-Have Qualifications:

  • Must have a formal degree in Computer Science and/or Software Design or a formal bachelor's degree with equivalent on-the-job experience related to software design
  • Must have 3+ years coding in C and C++
  • Sound understanding of how DBMS works as it pertains to SQL (relational) and NoSQL (non-relational) data models

Desirable Qualifications:

  • Experience coding in C/C++, Python, Node.js, Java (JDBC), and/or PHP
  • 3+ years working in an Agile development environment 
  • Experience with the following: COBOL, FairCom DB, c-treeRTG, FairCom Edge, IoT/IIoT, Raspberry Pi and/or other small devices.